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Image by Adrian Sulyok

Pick / Pack / Ship

Getting your product from the warehouse to your client quickly is the backbone of E-Commerce and this is where we do the heavy lifting for you.  Your product comes into our warehouse, your customers place orders on your E-Comm site, you transmit the orders to us, and we pick the correct parts for the order and ship them out.  With full visibility into our secure system, you can see the status of your orders and your inventory at any moment in time, giving you peace of mind.  We use state of the art scanners and printers that tie into our MRP system to make sure that the orders are accurate and shipped to the correct recipient on time.  We are constantly working with our partners such as FedEx/UPS and Zebra, to ensure we are always using the latest technology allowing us to continuously support the ever-changing needs of our clients.

Available Integrations:

  • Shopping Carts (Shopify, etc)

  • Marketplaces (Amazon, Walmart)​​

  • Simple File Integration

  • Warehouse EDI

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