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3PL Solutions
for Your Industry


TPSI currently handles consumer electronics of all types and the seasonal surge this category represents. Whether your items are high value or low, your goods will be secured, warehoused, transported, and handled properly. 

Camping Goods

Camping goods represent a multitude of unique SKU's and various sizes. Whether you’re shipping from b2b or b2c, TPSI can handle the logistics efficiently and correctly.   


Order processing in a timely manner is extremely important when you choose an E-Commerce partner. At TPSI, your orders will be processed and shipped the same day. 

Assembly Needs

Whether it's planned or unexpected, your SKU's will need to be kitted to support promotion packs. When this happens, you need a partner that is nimble. TPSI has programs that can accommodate your last minute kitted or assembly needs. 

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