Customized Carton Sealers

TPSI has the Total Tape Sealing Solution!

We offer a wide variety of custom options to get you the seal you want!


As an authorized distributor of BestPack, the global leader in integrated packaging equipment systems and machinery, we understand it’s not one size fits all. Our carton sealers are adjustable, customizable, and easy to use to meet your unique cartons. To support TPSI Customers, BestPack has constructed a state of the art  demo lab to test out, or custom fit any carton you give us.  Click Here to view BestPack’s demo lab. 

Our customizable options include width and height adjustment, top/bottom flap folding, weight accommodation, speed adjustment, side sealing, top only seal, bottom only seal, and many other unique set ups for your carton sealing needs.

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