TPSI offers full turnkey design, building and assembly services for retail / Point-Of-Purchase (POP) displays and Club Store packouts. We will quickly and accurately assemble your POP and ensure our team can deliver superior quality control, reduced cycle times and timely delivery to you or your customer.

POP Displays Types

Case Stackers:  

Case Stackers are a type of POP display used in retail stores.  They are essentially a graphical wrap around your cases of product and offer tremendous space for a cohesive and superior graphical presentation to customers.


Counter Displays:  

Counter Displays, also known as PDQ displays, are perfect merchandising solutions for a counter-top.  These packages are a great merchandising vehicle found in many types of retail stores.


Power Wings / Sidekicks:  

Power Wings / Sidekicks displays hang from a shelf in an aisle, at the end of an aisle or on the side or front of an endcap and are typically placed at eye level. They’re a great way to merchandise products because they catch the eye of the shopper and promote impulse purchases.

Pallet Displays & Skirts:   

Pallet packed displays are ideal for supermarkets and club stores. Products can be stacked using methods such as chimney stacking and alternating which is essential for needed strength.


Floor Displays:  

Floor Displays are great for small footprint, multi-side shopping capability and for cost-effective, multi-functional display placements.  When lifted off the base, our Floor Displays cab become Power Wing / Sidekicks or Counter Displays.



Dump Bins Displays:  

Dump bin displays are ideal for merchandising large quantities of product without the need for individual packaging.  Dump bins are found in grocery stores, club stores, specialty retailers such as toy stores and other types of retailers.



Stackable Trays:  

TPSI Display & Packaging is a leading provider of direct print stackable trays.  Our in-house graphic designers, well-trained flexo machine operators and technicians work in unison to produce top quality flexographic printing for cost effective stackable trays and other types of product trays.


 Club Store Packaging:  

Warehouse club store displays, and packaging are often different compared to displays and packaging for other types of retail environments.  TPSI has extensive experience designing and manufacturing quarter pallet displays, half pallet displays, and full pallet displays for club store environments.

 Shelf Displays:  

Shelf displays refers to the means by which products are secured inside.  Ways to secure products are as follow: 1) Use of pegs and hang using the products cutout.  2) Use slits or slitting an inner component so that the product can “slide” into the slit opening and stand upright, securing it to the shelf



Standees are terrific promotional items placed near an entrance, checkout or exit in stores or other in-doors venues. They are cost-effective, colorful and can be sized to over 80″ tall.  Standees are used to promote contests, new product offerings and more. Some common locations include restaurants, banks, service centers, auto service locations, car dealerships, liquor stores and many more.


Tear-A-Way Displays:  

Tear-a-way shipper displays offer an easy shipping solution that protects your products and will make it easy at store level.  One simple ‘pull-off’ method enables store personnel to fill their shelves with tear-a-way display trays that are retail-ready.



Endcap displays sit up against the ends of an aisle and are considered ideal or premium merchandising locations as customers often look at and shop the ends of an aisle. No matter the width or depth requirements, TPSI’s structural design team will maximize product visibility, enable easy access of products and will maximize product quantities per your requests.


 Additional Solutions:  

TPSI can deliver all types of custom die-cut designs. Our team will support your brand image and help to increase your margins on everything we produce. The sky is the limit when it comes to designs!



Sometimes everything does not always go as planned.  When Customers return products or mistakes occur during your manufacturing process, time  is still of the essence to get out new and existing orders.  Time can not be wasted performing rework.  TPSI offers a wide variety of rework service that can help your business save money and time.


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